We help property owners reap benefits of ownership

Big Head Industry are short term rental specialist.  Our mission is to help property owners actually enjoy the worry-free benefits of owning their property.  Our journey has provided us the costly mistakes of doing traditional buy, hold and long-term rent.  We have done more than 150 deals in real estate.  We have flipped, we still own significant property throughout the Midwest.  We are real estate investors with focus on the ever-growing market of short term rentals.  

*Nightmare Tenant Scenario we've experienced  - fully rehabbed property and get qualified tenant that in the course of 12 month lease trashes our house.  We have their $1,500 deposit with $6,000 in rehab cost wiping out HUGE portion of any profits we may have realized.  Is this unique story.....we know the answer. 

 Here’s a comparison of a typical renter vs working with us:

                                                                                    AVERAGE RENTER      Big Head Industry

DAILY/WEEKLY PROFESSIONAL CLEANINGS                 NO                              YES    

PET FREE AND SMOKE FREE                                           NO                              YES

LITTLE OR NO USE OF APPLIANCES                               NO                              YES

LESS WATER USE                                                              NO                              YES

LOWER WEAR AND TEAR                                                 NO                              YES

MINOR MAINTENANCE COVERED                                   NO                              YES

AUTOMATIC MONTHLY RENTAL PAYMENTS                   NO                              YES

FULLY INSURED FOR DAMAGE AND LIABILITY              NO                              YES