Hello & Welcome to BIG HEAD Real Estate & Contractor Service

We are a full service real estate investing company. We buy and sell real estate in central Indiana. Our offerings are suited for the novice or experienced investor.


To serve the housing needs of the community by rebuilding each house as if my mother was going to live there. We rebuild Madison County one house at a time.


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Core Values

We hold all Big Head team members accountable to embrace the following core values:

  • FUN: We have fun in the work first!
  • CRUSH IT: We are committed to excellence and embracing change.
  • COMMUNICATION: We seek to understand and communicate clearly.
  • POSITIVE INTENT: We focus on solutions and illuminate the negative only to create positive solutions.
  • INTEGRITY: We always choose to do the right thing and operate professionally.
  • LEADERSHIP: We seek to motivate and inspire others through servant leadership.
  • HUMBLE: We are grateful and check our egos at the door.
  • OWN IT: We are accountable for our actions.
  • CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: We innovate and constantly improve.

The destination is the road…and the journey is the destination. Enjoy the process!

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